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Enhance your social media presence while increasing product sales

Staying on top of new apps and tech is the lifeblood of most influencers and celebrities. You don't want the rise of chatbots to leave you behind.

Chatbots provide your audiences with a way to engage with you 24/7, discovering your new material or taking advantage of your discount schemes via a conversational medium.

Where do chatbots excel in the influencer and celeb space? They enhance your social media presence and empower your sales ability.

Using ubisend you can:

  • Hook up to 3rd party retailers so your audience can make purchases.
  • Sell tickets to events.
  • Sell your branded material and merch.
  • Engage with every audience member, 24/7.

Naturally, your brand is everything, and we aren't going to get in the way of that. How the chatbot looks, the language it uses and the content it shares is entirely up to you. You know how to delight your audience, we've just created the tools for you to do so.

Take advantage of leading AI tech that keeps your social media presence active (even when you're not online) and boosts your sales.

Important note: Any influencer agencies looking for a scalable solution should get in touch via https://www.ubisend.com/partners for a full breakdown of our partnership offering.