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Become your audience's go-to source of knowledge

Staying healthy always prompts a wave of questions.

What's the best diet plan? What's the best exercises for back pain? How much B12 should I have a week?

Through the power of conversational automation, you can become your audience's go-to source of knowledge. Every question they have, no matter how small, is answered in a blink of an eye.

ubisend enables you to create a branded chatbot that is there for your audience whenever they need it. Of course, answering questions is only scratching the surface.

Your chatbot could take details before recommending diet or fitness plans. It could store and share workout videos, recipe ideas, and information about nearby gyms.

With ubisend, you can do more for your audience. You can answer their questions, support their progress and even recommend your products.

While you can't be there for every single member of your audience all day every day, your chatbot can.