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Get insights on your latest articles from your subscribers

Writing a popular blog and growing your audience can be a challenging task.

Knowing what works or what's popular can be a case of trawling through Google analytics or taking a look at the comments section of each article. Yet you could still be missing out on great feedback to inform your choices for upcoming content.

Many bloggers utilise email surveys for users signed up to their newsletter. Still, with dozens of emails coming in every day, actual responses can be few and far between. A chatbot is a great way to offer your readers a quick and fun way to leave feedback next to the blog post itself, there and then, instead of filling out a dreaded email survey.

With the ability to build out custom conversation flows, you can ask for specific feedback, or even ask for a comment that is then automatically included in the comments section.

The chatbot then sends feedback to your email inbox (or slack, SMS, teams, or anywhere else!) or in the dashboard, giving you insights when and where you need them.