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20 Must-Ask Questions for your Chatbot Developer


This worksheet will allow you to

  • Separate the good from the bad. There are a lot of new chatbot developers out there. Which ones have the experience it takes to help you and which are just riding the wave? Find out using these 20 highly targeted questions.
  • Go to your first meeting prepared. The chatbot industry is so new, most people have no idea what to talk about during their first meeting with a development company. This worksheet will ensure you go to your first meeting ready and prepared.
  • Save time and money. Getting in bed with the wrong chatbot development company will cost you a lot of time and money. Use this worksheet and go through a strict vetting process and make sure this does not happen.

Summary of this worksheet:

You have secured a meeting with a chatbot development company. You are ready to explain your grand idea. After weeks of research into the chatbot industry, you are excited to get the show on the road.

Now what?

Don't let the techies dazzle you with fancy words and empty promises.

Use this 20 Must-Ask Questions For Your Chatbot Developer worksheet to evaluate, rate, and compare candidates before deciding on the right company for you.

Read through the questions with your team before your call with the chatbot development company.

During your meeting, take action. Ask the 20 questions and make sure they answer to your satisfaction and requirements.

Download the worksheet.