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Webinar: What Should I Automate? The Mindset Business Leaders have when Deciding


How to uncover areas screaming out for automation.

This webinar about deciding what you should automate at your business was hosted on Thursday, 11 March 2021. It is now available on demand, fill out the form above to access to the recording.

If you had the time, you could automate roughly 45% of your day-to-day (source).

This would leave you with a day filled with nothing but strategic, high-level activities.

The thing is, it takes time to get there.

Most importantly, you’ve got to start somewhere.

That ‘somewhere’ will vary from business to business. Articles on the web can help give direction but they provide no insight into your niche.

Automating a single task in your department triggers a wave across the business, this webinar discusses how you can ride this wave for maximum potential.

We’ll be looking at:

  • The mindset that leads to exceptional automation achievements
  • Understanding what your department needs
  • Understanding how your department’s needs can benefit the entire business
  • Common mistakes people make

Register today to start making an impact that expands past your 'normal' reach.


This webinar was live on: Thursday, 11 March 2021

Duration: 45min

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