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Webinar: Revolutionise your Employee Experience with a Chatbot


Driving efficiencies through artificial intelligence

This webinar was live on February 28, at 11AM (GMT). It is now available on demand. Fill out the form below to request access to the recording.

The HR department is, by definition, central to your company. Everyone, from the interns to the CEO, engage with HR on an almost daily basis.

Over the last few decades, HR's responsibilities have expanded. It is not 'just' about delivering support to the workforce, answering a few questions, and organising exit interviews. HR is now responsible for driving the business, delivering actionable insights, and have a true strategic purpose within the company.

Unfortunately, up to 40% of HR's time is still spent answering repetitive questions and achieving mundane tasks. In most businesses, there is very little time for high value activities.

Watch this webinar to discover how chatbots and artificial intelligence make these inefficiencies at thing of the past.

Learn how chatbots help HR

  • Free up time by taking care of the mundane
  • Deliver a new 'customer-like' employee experience
  • Drive digital transformation
  • Increase productivity (within and outside the HR team)

And much more.

The benefits of a customer experience of HR

The HR department has a lot to gain from chatbot automation. As you will see throughout the webinar, chatbots help by taking care of the repetitive, allowing the HR staff to focus on the tasks they are uniquely qualified to do.

From the employees' perspective, there are also many advantages to a business adopting chatbot technology.

Increasingly, employees are looking for a customer experience of HR (CxHR). They want to feel taken care of, important and valued within the organisation. Waiting three days for an answer from HR? That's not a customer-like experience -- and it will have a negative impact on the employee's work experience.

Companies that adopt a CxHR approach also reap the benefits. For example, Forrester found they achieve a 16% higher employee loyalty (source).

Learn how an HR chatbot reduces inefficiencies while empowering the workforce.


Was live on: Friday, 28 February 2020

Duration: 45min

Recording available. Access now.