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Webinar: How to Migrate your (Boring) FAQ Page into an FAQ Chatbot


Copy-pasting FAQs into a chatbot just won't do

This webinar was live on Thursday, 16 July at 2PM (GMT). It is now available on demand. Fill out the form above to get immediate access to the recording.

Chatbots are made to answer questions. Their very nature makes them an ideal candidate to replace the old, stagnant, and boring FAQ page.

In this webinar, our chatbot experts dig deep into some of the mistakes and pitfalls businesses make when transitioning their FAQ pages into an FAQ chatbot.


  • Why copy-pasting FAQs into a chatbot platform is not enough.
  • How to tweak your website copy into conversational copy.
  • The fine lines between too conversational and not conversational enough.

And much more.

A live experiment

To spice things up, and because it's fun, our hosts will run through a live example.

step by step faq into chatbot

Discover how they take a standard FAQ page and apply each step presented to turn it into an effective, time-saving FAQ chatbot.

Join us to follow the experience live, ask all your questions, and learn the ins and outs of FAQ chatbots.


This webinar was live on: Thursday, 16 July 2020

Duration: 45min

Recording available on demand. Access now.