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Webinar: How to Extract Unique Customer Insights from Chatbot Conversations


From answering questions to informing business-wide strategies

This webinar about extracting unique customer insights from chatbot conversations was hosted on Thursday, 27 Aug at 2PM (GMT).

It is now available on demand. Fill out the form above to access to the recording.

Chatbots can do so much more for your business than 'just' answer questions.

Because of their direct contact with customers, they gather extremely valuable information on your audience.

In this webinar, our experts teach you to extract the most value from chatbot conversations (and explain why, if you do not have a chatbot, you are totally missing out).

Learn about the language your customers use and the questions they ask. Understand how up-to-date they are with your brand and the pain-points that seem to continuously crop up. In short, use your chatbot as a mini, ever-evolving focus group!

You will be hard pressed to find this type of information anywhere else.

Access the recording to learn how to analyse the data your chatbot provides to make a business-wide difference.

ubisend chatbot

How to leverage chatbots to learn about your customers?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to use your chatbot's CMS to extract customer insights
  • How to efficiently analyse the qualitative and quantitative data your chatbot provides
  • How to refine business-wide strategies based on your chatbot’s data
  • Tried and tested recommendations for where to start

In a world where 71% of customers get frustrated by impersonal experiences (source), it’s time to find ways to get closer to your customer base better.

Watch as our experts discuss how to maximise the value your chatbot can bring.


This webinar was live on: Thursday, 27 August 2020

Time: 14:00 (GMT)

Duration: 45min

Available on demand. Get instant access to the recording.