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Webinar: Company Culture and Chatbots - Growing an Atmosphere with AI


Reinforce the working environment you’re trying to create

This webinar covering company culture and chatbots was hosted on Thursday, 08 April 2021. It's now available on demand, fill out the form above to access the recording.

Company culture.

Get it right and great things happen.

Most businesses understand the culture they want to create but have trouble reinforcing it.

Far too often, company culture falls behind other priorities. The reality is, company culture should underpin everything at a business.

At first, chatbots and company culture sound like a weird pair. After watching the webinar, you’ll understand the surprising benefits chatbots bring to growing a positive working atmosphere.

From the fun to the subtle, we’ll cover how you can use a chatbot to grow your company culture:

  • A quick run-through of customising chatbot tone and messages.
  • A look at the features available to reinforce company culture.
  • An explanation of the subtle things HR can do to promote their chosen culture.

And more.

Take your first step towards a better working culture today.


This webinar was live on: Thursday 1PM (GMT), 08 April 2021

Duration: 45min

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