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66 FAQs Your Chatbot Should Have an Answer to


Guarantee a solid experience to your chatbot users

By design, chatbots encourage conversations.

Even if they know they are talking to a machine, users tend to engage in broad topics and ask lots of questions. Sometimes, knowing they are talking to a chatbot is actually the trigger to this behaviour.

Over the years, we've noticed patterns in questions chatbot users tend to ask. Grab this document and make sure your chatbot can answer to all these questions!

To make things easier, we've grouped questions under specific areas. These include onboarding, sales, HR, customer service, and a general conversational UX.

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Humans tend to repeatedly ask these questions

There are certain questions and topics humans will always bring up. For example:

  • Questions about the onboarding experience.
  • Questions around the security of their conversation with your chatbot and the safety of their private data.
  • Questions on reaching a human.
  • General small talk.

And much more.

If your chatbot is more specialised, there are certain topics and questions that keep coming up as well.

A customer service chatbot should always be trained to answer questions about shipping, specific products, refunds. An HR chatbot should always be trained to answer questions about leave policies, organisational chart, etc.

Here's an example of what you learn if you download this guide.

Answering your users' burning questions during onboarding

Onboarding your users is a vital aspect of a chatbot's user experience. Without it, your chatbot might not be reaching its full potential as users don't understand how to communicate with it.

It's important to make sure that your users understand why your chatbot exists and what it can do for them. This is done through a proper onboarding sequence.

Aside from the onboarding sequence, which you can control, your chatbot users will have questions. How do I start again? What can you do? How do I talk to a human? All these are questions that frequently crop up at the start of a chatbot-to-human conversation,.

With this guide, you will be ready to answer them.

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