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Benefits of the ubisend Partner Program for Marketing and Chatbot Services Providers


Do you provide web design, SEO, advertising or other marketing services?

Are you a chatbot consultant or the member of a chatbot partner programme?

Grab this webinar recording to learn how you can better serve your clients, improve your offering, develop new skills, and, of course, generate direct revenue through the ubisend partner programme.

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Why partner with ubisend?

1. Deliver a better ROI - Help your clients more effectively thanks to the ubisend platform's high flexibility. Everything can be tweaked to your clients' requirements, allowing you to create truly unique solutions.

2. Monetise your expertise - Do what you do best: add value to your clients. The ubisend chatbot platform lets your creativity shine; helping you deliver high-value solutions.

3. Built for partnerships: - Most chatbot platforms don't have a partner programme. Those that do have it as a second thought. This platform was built for partnerships.

4. Ready to white label - Get your brand out there. Avoid having to pitch yet another piece of software to your clients.

5. Accelerate your growth - We will provide visibility, collaterals, training and more to our partners.

6. Develop new skills - Use ubisend's software and training to learn new skills and develop new service offerings.

Download the live webinar by filling out the form.