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Measure the ROI of a Customer Service Chatbot


Solving unique customer service challenges

As a business becomes more successful, its customer service team become busier.

More sales, more users, more customers; more tickets, more enquiries. Yet, quite often, the size of the team remains the same.

Often understaffed, service reps end up playing catch up and customer experience suffers.

In this whitepaper, we dig into the four key pain points of customer service teams.

  1. Scaling. The service operations should, in theory, scale with the business' needs. In reality, this rarely happens and customer reps end up playing catch up.
  2. Cyclical workload. Seasonal businesses require their service team to expand and collapse at key points of the year. This poses a financial and human strain on the business, with constant hiring, training, and restructuring.
  3. Consistency. Providing a consistent customer experience is a priority. Unfortunately, events beyond your control often impact performance and keep your team from delivering the expected consistency.
  4. Unqualified enquiries. Customers loathe repeating themselves, particularly when dealing with a complaint. Unqualified enquiries waste time on both sides of the customer support experience.

Find out how a chatbot can help your business overcome these challenges and provide an enhanced experience to your customers.

Calculate the ROI of a customer service chatbot

Our team has been solving these challenges for many years. We've put all this experience into building a helpful worksheet.

Using this worksheet will allow you to understand the impact a chatbot could have on your operations. All you need is:

  • The size of your team
  • The average number of enquiries your team gets every month
  • Their enquiries per month KPIs

If you don't know these exact numbers, we provide some guidance (based on our experience) in the whitepaper.

Provide a digital-first customer experience

In a survey, Microsoft found that 56% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of a poor customer service experience.

We, as a society, continue to expect immediate help, every day, at any time of the day. A customer service chatbot is the tool to deliver this digital-first experience.

Download your free whitepaper and worksheet.