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The Cost-Saving Impact of an HR Chatbot (with Calculator)


The challenges of modern HR (and how to solve them)

Over 25% of high-impact HR organisations are using chatbots, while another 20% are actively planning the release of theirs.


In this whitepaper, we dig into the four major challenges most HR departments face.

  • Understaffed. As a cost centre, the HR department is often an afterthought of growth. Money floods the revenue-generating teams like sales and marketing, while human resources struggle to keep up.
  • Overworked. With limited staff and resources, the HR department can only achieve limited results. Unfortunately, limited results are not enough.
  • Moving to digital. There is a growing need for a data-driven approach to reporting and analysis, even in HR. The digital transformation is becoming a top of mind priority for most HR departments.
  • Growing staff expectations. Employees also begin to expect what we like to call the ‘Google environment’: a friendly, open, communicative place of work. Of course, the burden of making this happen falls onto HR as well.

Find out how chatbots help high-impact HR department tackle each of these challenges.

Calculate the impact of an HR chatbot

This is not just a whitepaper.

We have been solving these challenges for many years. All this experience allowed us to create an insightful worksheet.

To get an estimation of the savings a chatbot would bring to your department, you will just need

  • The size of your workforce
  • The size of your team
  • The average number of enquiries your team gets every month
  • The average time it takes your team to answer an enquiry

Not sure what your exact numbers are? You will find broad guidelines in the whitepaper to help you out.

Put the human back into HR

On average, an HR team spend 40% of their time answering repetitive questions. Solving this simple inefficiency would save a considerable amount of time and resources.

Reinvest this time and resources into the work only humans can do. Put the human back into HR.

Grab your free whitepaper and worksheet.