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Leveraging Chatbots in the Public Sector


Discover the potential of chatbots in the public sector

In this edition of our 'Leveraging chatbots in...' series, we take a deep dive into the public sector. Through that lens, we take a particular look at how chatbots can help your public sector organisations by

  • Strengthening your customer service output. Public sector organisations service some of the largest customer bases in the world. Learn how a chatbot can help lighten the load of your support team.
  • Bolster your HR services. Every HR enquiry requires time and attention; something that is becoming scarce in your organisation. Learn how a chatbot can answer mundane questions and save you time.

Through these two products, we will discover how public sector companies are improving their internal and external services.

Servicing thousands of customers, 24/7

Public sector organisations often deal with a large number of customers.

Customers are increasingly looking for immediate gratification and flawless service. As this expectation grows, companies in the public sector must evolve. Technology so far, particularly websites, have helped. As an example, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency use the gov.uk website to send MOT renewal notifications to millions of UK citizens every month (source).

But websites are no longer enough. They don't allow a dialog between the customer and the organisation. They are also frequently hard to navigate, which is a blocker to the expectations of immediacy.

Learn how chatbots help public sector companies achieve better customer service while reducing costs.

Automating processes with HR chatbots

Public sector companies are some of the biggest employers. In the UK, some 5.36 million people were public sector employees in 2018 -- about 16.5% of the working population (source).

Unsurprisingly, providing an excellent HR experience to their employees is a priority. To achieve excellence, public sector HR organisation are looking to transform and modernise their processes. Paperback employee handbooks and direct dials to the HR team are not only antiquated, they are inefficient.

In this whitepaper, we dig into the way public sector organisations are leveraging chatbots to bring their HR processes into the 21st century while, you guessed it, reducing costs.

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