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Leveraging Chatbots in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Discover the potential of chatbots in the pharmaceutical industry

In this edition of our 'Leveraging chatbots in...' series, we look into the pharmaceutical industry. Through that lens, we take a particular look at how chatbots can help pharma companies by

  • Strengthening your recruitment drive. Pharmaceutical companies need a precise set of qualified individuals in their ranks. Learn how a chatbot can automate some of the early stages of your recruitment process.
  • Service customers at unprecedented scale. Pharmaceutical customers are often stressed, in a hurry, and vulnerable. Learn how a chatbot can provide immediate help at scale.

Through these two products, we will discover how pharmaceutical companies are using the latest technology to improve their internal and external services.

Recruiting, at scale

The pharmaceutical industry frequently deals with hiring for specialist roles.

Evaluating and screening candidates is a long and tedious process is most organisations. When you deal with specialists positions, these processes must be the more slicker.

Learn how chatbots help pharmaceutical companies strengthen their recruitment process by automating some of the early processes.

Customer service, with no margin for error

The margin of error for dealing with customer pharmaceutical enquiries is, expectedly, very thin. Customers need to know that their medical conditions are being taken into account, that they are being looked after, and made a priority.

Providing this level of service at scale is often a struggle.

In this whitepaper, we look at how pharmaceutical companies use chatbots to alleviate some of the burden on their service staff, while providing an excellent and swift experience.

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