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Three Ways Chatbots Nudge Digital Transformation


Take a leap forward on your digital transformation journey

Digital transformation is unavoidable for any business that wishes to survive and prosper. Central to your company, your HR department has a pivotal role on this journey and needs to look at ways of future-proofing its processes.

To fall behind could have a knock-on, lethal effect across the entire company.

Discover how to keep ahead of the curve (and your competitors) by implementing emerging technology such as artificial intelligence and chatbots right now.

Head into a new decade with a fresh outlook on the way your business uses technology and consider how chatbot technology specifically could set you up for the long-term.

Reduce staff turnover

According to Monster, staff turnover averages ~15% across all industries in the UK (source).

High staff turnover is a nightmare scenario which needs to be remedied as quickly as possible. Digital tools can help you identify the root cause of the high churn rate before its impact snowballs across the company.

With a chatbot, you can create an environment where employees feel more comfortable expressing their views. This may help you identify topic areas your workforce is particularly unhappy about and might contribute to staff turnover.

Chatbots can also assist the onboarding process, which normalises the experience of interacting with a chatbot for new employees, on top of getting them up-to-scratch with important company information.

Increase employee productivity

More than one-third of employees admit they don’t always know where to find information, losing one or two hours or productivity every week (source).

Another research by Gallup shows two out of three employees are frustrating while finding relevant policy information in their organisation because they don’t know how to access it .

Even if we take a ‘happy’ medium, 50%, this is a lot of precious time wasted. This wasted time has an impact on your workforce’s productivity and morale.

Discover how chatbot technology allows your employees to bypass this process and self-serve efficiently.

Making your business more efficient, particularly within a department as central as human resources, benefits the company as a whole. Find out how artificial intelligence and chatbots can take your department to new heights.

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