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Leveraging Chatbots in Universities


Discover the potential of chatbots in universities

In this edition of our 'Leveraging chatbots in...' series, we take a deep dive into universities using chatbot technology to

  • Strengthen their admission processes. Universities can help prospective students find and enrol into relevant courses. Learn how a chatbot can speed up this process and help generate revenue.
  • Provide unprecedented support to students. Universities now deal with a generation of digital natives. Discover how they can use a chatbot to provide them with the support they need, in the format and channels they want.
  • Enhance their HR activities. Universities employ a vast and varied workforce. Find out how an HR chatbot can help them stay on top of internal enquiries and speed processes up.

Through these three products, we will discover how universities are using the latest technology to improve their internal and external services.

University admissions chatbot, a pre-clearing dream

Universities deal with a unique set of circumstances. They have a limited number of courses with a limited number of seats available. They need to book these courses as soon as possible, effectively selling them to prospective students.

Universities also have a short timeframe to do this. Clearing, one of the university's most stressful time of the year, is admission at high speed. During this period, students frantically try to sign up for courses -- an opportunity they cannot miss.

Each year, universities hire hundreds of staff members to supplement their team and deal with the influx of enquiries.

Discover how a UK university used a pre-clearing, admissions chatbot to deal with the enquiries.

Dealing with a vast workforce

Universities employ a vast workforce of not only teachers, but teaching assistants, cleaning crew, security team, and more. Like most companies of their size, they struggle to service the entire staff quickly and efficiently.

Like many other companies, universities are turning to chatbots to supplement their HR systems.

An HR chatbots helps them by reducing the time it takes employees to find information, speeding up internal processes, and freeing up the HR staff's time.

Supporting a new, digital native generation

Universities constantly encounter the latest generation. As each generation reaches the university, so do its habits, quirks, and, you guessed it, new technologies.

Unsurprisingly, universities have to adapt. Quickly.

The latest generations, the so-called digital natives, have high expectations in terms of technology. To support these students in a way that is coherent with these expectations, universities are turning to chatbots.

Discover how chatbots help student find their way through campus, strengthen their course knowledge, and achieve higher grades.

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