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The Professional Chatbot Review Checklist


This checklist will allow you to...

  • Review competitors. How good and well performing is your competitor's chatbot? Know where the bar is set and what you need to beat.
  • Go beyond performance. Most would rate a chatbot based solely on performance. That's not the way to do it. Learn the six attributes we look at when we audit chatbots.
  • Plan your own chatbot. Review chatbots in your industry or competitors, and use the information gathered to plan your own chatbot solution.

Summary of this download

In this insight, we take you through the six categories and 30 features we use to professionally review chatbots.

It's an incredibly valuable exercise.

For companies looking to invest in the technology, it allows them to see what's out there, what's possible, and what the best practices are.

For companies with a chatbot solution already in place, it allows them to review their own performance and see what needs to be improved.

For us (selfishly throwing our own benefits in here), it allows us to keep an eye on the market.

Auditing a chatbot is a complex process. Grab this insight and learn the way professionals do it.

Reviewing a chatbot's consistency

Consistency is one of the six categories we review in a chatbot.

Like the name implies, within the consistency category we look at whether the chatbot can invariably help the users. But not just that.

We also look at continuity in the chatbot's language. Is it sometimes formal, sometimes silly? Does it match the user's expectation?

We also evaluate the chatbot's breadth and depth of knowledge. If a chatbot was built to help users find a good mortgage, does it have an equal amount of knowledge about the start and the end of the mortgage process?

To learn more and perform your own reviews, grab the Chatbot Review Checklist!