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6 ways Business Leaders use Chatbot Data to Improve Employee Day-to-Day


What chatbot data teaches you about employee experience

Keeping talent where you need it most is one of the great modern-day challenges business and HR leaders face. It often leads to questions such as:

  • What’s causing employee burnout? How do we reach a stage where we can say ‘this task combined with this issue is causing burnout’?
  • Which pain points have the biggest negative impact on our workforce?
  • Are our systems and initiatives making a difference? How do employees actually feel about them?

Getting the answers to these questions is the first step towards a happier workforce. Failing to do so leads to dusting off old job specs.

Where do you start?

Chatbots are increasingly used as an internal tool. They sit at the heart of your business, helping the workforce do their work by eliminating inefficiencies.

Doing so, chatbots can also keep an eye on what employees struggle with, what they like, and what they want to be improved.

Imagine knowing when a new issue was irritating multiple employees or understanding how employees actually view your work perk scheme. That’s the type of data a chatbot can give you.

In this ebook, we explore the six most impactful ways business leaders are using chatbot data to improve the lives of their workforce. We also show how chatbots provide you with rich qualitative data in a measurable, quantitative state (and the difference that makes to your analysis efforts).

We’re well aware that the life of a business leader is a busy one, so there’s no fluffy filling in this ebook. We’ve followed our usual format: only give actionable advice.

You won’t be looking for gems amongst the clutter, you’ll be able to dig straight in.

To start making a difference with your chatbot, or get ideas for your future chatbot, pick up your copy today.