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A Beginner Guide to Chatbots for Sales Departments


Discover the future of sales automation

  • Why are sales departments looking into chatbot technology? Learn the motivation behind this shift towards automated, AI-driven conversational software.
  • What results can you expect? Businesses would only be looking into sales chatbots if they bring revenue. Learn how much return-on-investment you can expect.
  • What is the right chatbot for you? Chatbots come in many different forms. Find out how to customise your solution to be the right fit.

All your burning sales chatbot questions, answered

Not sure what chatbots are all about? This ebook is for you.

In this document, we answer the most frequently asked questions from sales departments looking to implement a chatbot. This includes general questions on the technology, as well as more in-depth topics like generating leads and keeping lead quality high.

This beginner's guide to sales chatbots has the answers to all your questions.

What are the advantages of a sales chatbot?

One of the key topics we cover in this document is the advantages of a sales chatbot.

In the world of sales, all that matters is return-on-investment (ROI). Your chatbot only needs to do three things: generate leads, make sure the leads it generates are high quality, and close sales.

The good news is sales chatbots can be programmed to do just that.

In this document, you will learn how a sales chatbot help your marketing and sales team generate high quality leads. Find out how one of our clients used this technology to close over 500 high ticket sales without any human touch points (on top of generating 30,000 warm leads).

Grab the ebook and discover why now is the right time to look into chatbots.