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2017 Chatbot Report


In this report, you will learn

  • What consumers want from chatbots. What is their most desired outcome when talking to a chatbot? What is their primary reason to engage with chatbots? Do they view chatbots as fun, functional or something else?
  • What is in it for brands. Why should brands embrace chatbots? How much money would consumers be willing to spend through a chatbot? How do consumers perceive brands that adopt a chatbot?
  • What makes a chatbot successful. What constitutes a positive chatbot experience? What do consumers need in order to be better equipped to use a chatbot? How should brands develop trust in their chatbot?

Summary of this insight

We commissioned a top-tier independent research company to gauge the UK consumers' attitude towards chatbots.

This report paints a picture of the current chatbot market, reflects consumers' expectation for the future of this new trend, and gives insight to brands looking to take advantage of it.

Learn what consumers want from a chatbot.

Learn how your brand can benefit from deploying a chatbot solution.

Learn how to delight your customers with a trustworthy chatbot experience.


Chatbot awareness is growing. Consumers are developing expectations about the way brands should communicate with them through this new channel.

Companies that are making chatbots available to their audience need to meet these expectations.

What is the most important thing consumers want when communicating with a chatbot? What would most encourage them to engage with a chatbot?

69% of consumers said getting an instant answer to their question is the main reason.

For more insights on chatbots and consumer behaviour, download the 2017 chatbot report now.