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Create an interactive onboarding experience for your remote workers

One of the newest things this crazy world (looking at you Covid-19) has brought to human resources is remote working becoming a new norm.

Being able to welcome a new employee and make them feel comfortable in a new team can be a challenge from the other side of a screen. This is where a chatbot could help; you can even support them before they start their first day.

We're aware that the challenges of a remote workforce don't stop at onboarding. This video here covers how you can use a chatbot to support a remote workforce:

Utilise a chatbot to guide them through their essentials checklist before their first day. Once they have accepted the job offer you can send them to a friendly chatbot for them to provide information such as address, emergency contact, p45 and anything else you might need.

The chatbot can also be there to answer all their questions, guide them through the company policies and new updates from the business.

Utilising the chatbot checklist means the processes are being followed every single time. No critical document, ID, information or anything else missed.

Discover the lesser-known HR chatbot features that businesses are using to reinvent their employee experience in this on-demand webinar.