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Customer Service Chatbot: Enhance Your Customer Experience

Give your customers the help they demand.

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44% of consumers want quicker answers when communicating with a business

Your customer support staff are under triple stress: the need for speed, accuracy, and empathy.

Your customer service chatbot is there to help your team. Thanks to cutting edge artificial intelligence technology, it knows all your products and how your company likes to communicate.

Your chatbot answers with speed, extreme accuracy, and in a conversational way. Stop making your customers endlessly flick through FAQs and self-serve content. Welcome to the future of customer support.

Your customer service chatbot handles the speed. You focus on depth.

Value-adding speed

No one likes spending time searching through FAQs, PDF's or documentation. Self-serving customer support is no longer good enough.

Your customer service chatbot is your first line of defense. It automatically answers inbound customer enquiries to the best of its knowledge.

Finally reach those SLAs, close in on these tight response times, and delight your customers in the process.

Customer service automation

Customer-first automation

Instead of leaving the customer to figure it out themselves, a customer service chatbot can be there to help.

It is available, engaging, and conversational. Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), it also learns to speak in your company's language and tone.

Your customer service chatbot also logs all interactions, keeping the data safe and sound for you to review.

customer service chatbot data

Less boring. More depth.

A customer service rep's time is best spent on customer enquiries that require expertise, not copy-pasting and dealing with the same questions.

Your support chatbot doesn't just answer the easy questions. It also lets your team focus on the more complex and human-demanding tasks.

If a customer enquiry ends up being too complex, it passes on the conversation and insights it already gathered, making sure your rep doesn't start from zero.

customer service chatbot conversational

Improve customer happiness and skyrocket productivity

Automating inbound customer enquiries is just the beginning. Your customer service chatbot is part of a full suite of tools designed to help increase productivity and customer happiness.

Let's talk customer service chatbots
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    Powered by AI

    Your chatbot solution is powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence technology stack.

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    Measure customer sentiment

    Keep an eye on customer satisfaction. All interactions are tracked and stored, ready for analysis and iteration.

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    Personalised interactions

    No robotic-ness. Make your customers feel special with personal one-to-one, knowledgeable and instant support.

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    Make them feel heard

    Unhappy customers want to talk now, not in two days. Give them the ability to satisfy their needs.

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    Always learning

    Your conversational chatbot integrates with advanced machine learning, helping it to stay at the top of its game.

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    Your personal support assistant

    Your customers need to talk to a real human? Certainly. Your chatbot will notify your team and step aside.

Every solution is delivered with its own monitoring tool and data analytics dashboard.

A demo paints a thousand words

We understand the importance of seeing things in action. The video below will help (please note it has no sound).

But, need something more relatable? Request a demo customised to your specific requirements.

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Customer service chatbot success stories

ubisend helps customer service departments of all size and industries enhance their experience. Discover how companies like yours have implemented successful service chatbot solutions.

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    Dealing with ticket overload

    Successful businesses deal with large amounts of support tickets all the time. This Fortune100 is no exception.

    Discover how a service chatbot reduced 48% of the workload. Overnight.

    Learn more
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    Unclogging the support inbox

    Tech companies are flooded with complex questions about their services.

    Discover how an AI customer service chatbot automated 83% of the enquiries, in the flick of a finger.

    Learn more

ubisend's methodical approach to chatbot implementation

ubisend chatbot implementation path

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Instant service and saving staff resources

babycenter ubisend customer review

ubisend has transformed the way we approach customer service. Our custom-made chatbot has allowed us to provide our users with an instant service and saved staff resources.

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