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Rytrack Solutions Find their Chatbot Niche with ubisend

Rytrack Solutions is a chatbot agency out of London. As ubisend partners, Rytrack Solutions and their CEO Chisom Izu are using the power of our platform to target large non-profits, public and education sector organisations.

We sat down with Chisom to understand what drove him to become a ubisend implementation partner, what he's learned from his journey so far, and what is next in store for the agency.

Inspired by empowering businesses and their consumers

Many roads lead to chatbots. For Chisom, the interest in chatbot technology started early on. "I was approached by a start-up when I was at university. They were emboldened by Facebook's recent launch of Messenger chatbots and asked if we could build a chatbot that would liberate local restaurants from Just Eat."

Taking on this project opened Chisom's eyes to the opportunity chatbots bring to both consumers. "I saw how new technologies can change an industry if you have the right tools. I saw the value in chatbots to improve how I, as a consumer, relate to businesses."

Of course, the value for the businesses themselves wasn't lost on Chisom either. He adds, "I also noticed how businesses can benefit from automated messages that saves them valuable time".

Finding a truly supportive chatbot platform

Inspired by his first experience, Chisom put a team together and got to work. Rytrack Solutions, the chatbot agency, was born.

Before they could get any further, they had to find a suitable chatbot platform.

"I have used a range of low-code platforms to build chatbots. I realised I needed more assistance with scaling our chatbot agency and opening new revenue streams." They soon landed on ubisend's partner programme. "The easily accessible tech support and education material put ubisend ahead of other partner programmes."

As they embarked on their journey, Rytrack Solutions took full advantage of our partner support. Sometimes, this was technical support. Sometimes, this was assisting with a pitch or creating collaterals.

Sometimes, what Chisom and his team needed were new and exciting features to pitch their customers:

"The ubisend platform offers all the features we need, from the conversation builder to the different ways integrations are possible. What stands out to me the most is how frequently features are updated. On a monthly basis, we are able to update our clients with new features. This speed helps us stay on top of the market."

Niching down: inclusion, diversity, and public sector

During their first year of trading, Rytrack Solution's focus was simple: finding a niche. Chatbots are valuable across any industry, any department, any use case.

"I’ve built rule-based and low-code chatbots for non-profits, diversity and inclusion companies and ecommerce companies that were in need of chatbots to help them to save time and money in their value journey."

Being able to develop chatbot solutions for any market is exciting but, to Chisom, niching down was a must. To do so, he took an interesting path. "Armed with the ubisend platform, we joined an accelerator programme in order to help us figure out product market fit. We ended up focussing our efforts on public sector organisations like housing associations and educational companies".

Getting a few builds under their belt

Although Rytrack Solutions were on a journey to find their niche, they didn't waste any time getting to grips with the ubisend platform. They dove right in, first building a chatbot for themselves.

"We optimised it to engage leads and lead them to the right service. The conversation builder ubisend provides made this flow easy to build and to amend as we learned from every chatbot interaction."

This was a great start. Next, Chisom and his team explored the more advanced features of our chatbot platform. "Our account manager gave us the good idea to familiarise ourselves with the platform and try out different features. This was useful as there's an array of features such as integrations and email, which gave us ideas in designing the chatbot and coming up with use cases."

Then, customers started coming in. "We first implemented a chatbot for a diversity- and inclusion-focused organisation that we were working with. Implementing the chatbot was an easy feat, due to the conversation builder and our ability to maintain a good overview of all the conversations that made up the workflow."

Like any good chatbot implementer, Rytrack Solutions worked closely with their customer to ensure their chatbot would deliver value and insights. "We set up the chatbot so we could measure metrics such as number of subscribers and which FAQs were triggered the most. We also were able to explore a new revenue model for their business and how the chatbot could be used during Black History month to engage employees in large organisations."

Building a strong partnership with ubisend

As an implementation partner, Chisom and his team have managed to leverage the ubisend platform to build their very own chatbot business.

become a chatbot partner like chisom

The partnership combined with our platform and Rytrack's dedication to find their most suitable niche makes them a chatbot agency to look out for.

"The ubisend partnership fast tracked our business to one that was able to compete with the products offered by larger competitors," says Chisom. "What really makes the difference, what I would really shout about is the partner support provided by ubisend."

Now that the foundations are in place, Chisom's looking forward to his agency's bright future.

"The ubisend team has done great work to create a platform that chatbot developers and agencies can use to scale their business. After taking the time to understand the platform (it’s worth it) and doing the groundwork to find the right market based on our strengths, experience and the features the platform provides, the sky's the limit".

Do you want to start your own chatbot agency? Are you looking to add chatbot building to your list of services? ubisend is the only partner-first chatbot platform. Apply now.

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