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Publisher Increases Traffic by 29% With Facebook Conversations

Product used: custom sales chatbot.

The Good Spa Guide's mission is simple: help its visitors find the best spas and treatments. What started as a fun project has now turned into a world-renowned brand with over 800 spas listed and reviewed. While the website drives hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, the company was looking for a way to increase recurring traffic, engage its audience and increase spa bookings.

The Good Spa Guide came to ubisend to build a chatbot that would help engage its users and help them navigate the offers listed on its website. The custom Good Spa Guide chatbot helped their traffic increase by 29% and spa bookings by 13%.

A 24/7 friendly spa-finding assistant

The Good Spa Guide concept was born from frustration. At a time when internet reviews started booming, the two founders felt frustrated by the lack of information about the quality of spas and treatment rooms in their area. They decided to launch a website that would help to educate and guide people towards the best spa services.

Over the years, the concept has evolved and now involves professional spa reviewers, editorial articles, promotions, competitions, and much more.

To Good Spa Guide, traffic and spa bookings are everything. Although its email nurturing and broadcasts do well compared to wider industry benchmarks, the team suspected they could do better with a more modern channel of communication.

In March of 2016, the Good Spa Guide came to ubisend with a simple plan: release a Facebook Messenger alternative to its emails. The MVP version of the chatbot we built allowed them to see the impact of using Facebook Messenger to drive traffic.

When we first thought about using a chatbot, our main goal was to offer a new experience to our audience. We wanted a way to tell them "we care, we listen... what are you looking for?". ubisend's conversational expertise along with our words made this possible. The results are impressive.

- Caitlin Dalton

After a six-week test, all stakeholders put their heads together and examined the metrics. With a traffic increase of 29% attributed to the Facebook Messenger chatbot, the Good Spa Guide team was ready for a more.

In June 2016, we released a fully functional chatbot delivered through Facebook Messenger. The brand new chatbot enabled users to find, learn about, and book spa trips straight from their Messenger app.

The impact of the conversational chatbot was instant. Good Spa Guide's website traffic continued to show growth, this time coupled with a rise in spa bookings. The custom chatbot built by ubisend helped the team capitalise on 13% more bookings -- a number that keeps growing with every new iteration of our conversational interface.

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