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Online Media Chatbot Hits 84% Read Rate

Product used: SaaS sales chatbot.

BabyCenter (part of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies) has thousands of articles and over 47 million unique visitors each month. Its audience has moved quickly to mobile and BabyCenter has dubbed them the ‘always on’ generation of parents. BabyCenter wanted to find a new way to connect with its audience.

BabyCenter came to ubisend to build a Facebook Messenger chatbot and couldn't be happier with the results. Seeing an average read rate of 84% and click rate from chatbot to website of 53%.

Bringing their high performing drip-campaigns to mobile messaging

Since 2001, BabyCenter's mission has always been to provide the best content to soon-to-be parents. To help guide readers through their pregnancy in a real, personal, and intimate way.

BabyCenter has generally relied on email to distribute content in a timely and relevant way. On signing up to their service, a soon-to-be parent would enter their email address and their baby's due date. Working backwards from the due date, BabyCenter is able to figure out the current pregnancy stage and tailor email content.

Recently, across industries, consumers have moved away from their inbox, spam filters are getting stricter and email engagement metrics have fallen*. Against this backdrop, BabyCenter has worked hard to ensure their outbound messaging continues to perform.

In June 2016, BabyCenter came to ubisend with one question: Could a mobile messaging chatbot be an additional, and effective, messaging channel?

BabyCenter and ubisend worked closely to adapt email content into chatbot-delivered mobile messaging campaigns.

Over the following months, ubisend delivered multiple iterations of the chatbot to new audiences at different stages of pregnancy. Ultimately, the Facebook Messenger chatbot successfully reached thousands of expecting parents across the globe. When comparing the results against industry email benchmarks, messaging through Facebook Messenger increased engagement by 1,428% compared to email*.

This was not all. As a publishing company reliant on advertising, the fun and modern Facebook Messenger chatbot experiment rapidly became a data and potential revenue contributing project.

* email industry rates source

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"It's been great to work with ubisend, it is clear that they are a driven and determined team of professionals who provided us with the top quality solution we needed where initially the end product was far from clear."

Chris Amos, project manager at Archant Limited