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Automate your Local Authority Services with a Chatbot

Free up your phone and live chat queues by answering the majority of customer enquiries automatically with a chatbot.
Easily integrate your chatbot with the service software you already use and love.
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Create a self-service customer experience for your council.

Automate low-value queries and provide round-the-clock support.
Get your chatbot to answer common questions around all your services including recycling and waste, council tax, benefits, grants, elections, and more.
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Save more time with automated workflows

Guide residents through complex flows without lifting a finger.
Help them understand their council tax, request a new bin, apply for a conversation with your planning permission team, and more. ubisend helps you automate your flows, no matter how complex.
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Make time for your most vulnerable customers

Use AI technology to free your team's time to focus on the people who need it most.
ubisend offers an all-in-one solution with, of course, automation and artificial intelligence but also ticketing, live chat, voice channels, and more.
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Councils use ubisend for:

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A chatbot and automation platform built around your council's needs


Breckland Council Chatbot Answers 9,000 Enquiries per Month

UK council Breckland automates over 80% of their monthly enquiries with a customer service chatbot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ubisend have a track record working with councils?

Yes. We work with numerous UK councils including Breckland, North Norfolk, and Great Yarmouth. ubisend is also part of the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Artificial Intelligence framework.

Can I create a chatbot without dedicated programmers/developers?

Yes, ubisend is a no-code chatbot and automation platform. You can guide customers through processes, set up live chat and answer FAQs without seeing a single line of code.

How is ubisend different from other chatbot platforms, like Intercom?

ubisend differs in three main ways. Firstly, ubisend is a conversational workflow automation platform. This enables you to autonomously serve customers while putting processes in place to make life easier internally.

Secondly, other leading platforms see automation as a secondary benefit, limiting the potential (if any) behind their chatbots. ubisend puts automation first, helping companies automate up to 80% of their interactions.

Thirdly, ubisend is used by businesses to solve all of their automation needs. HR, sales, and customer service solutions can all be created and managed from a central location. ubisend is your single tool for years to come.

Is it easy to update my chatbot's content?

Yes, all FAQs and conversations can be updated at a moment's notice using our completely no-code platform. For example, existing customers were able to add COVID-19 guidelines and information overnight.

Can my chatbot integrate with my service desk and more?

Yes, ubisend’s API toolkit can connect to any third-party software. Our tech team is always more than happy to assist with any integrations.