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Welcome to the Demo HR Chatbot

We're delighted you are taking the time to give a chatbot a spin.

In this demo, you will experience one custom-built conversational path: submitting an absence request.

HR reps deal with these every day and, mostly, they are a waste of their precious time. This chatbot takes the mundane of logging an absence request away, freeing your staff up for more important tasks.

Before you start testing, here are some important notes:

  • To fire up the chatbot, click on the red widget in the bottom right of the page.
  • This chatbot was built to handle this particular conversation to demonstrate what the technology can do. It was not built to handle any other questions.
  • Feel free to go through the flow as many times as you'd like, changing your answers, etc. There is a reset button under the cog icon at the top of the widget
  • The employee handbook you will find is fictitious.

All done testing? Talk to one of our experts to flesh out what a custom-built HR chatbot could do for your business.

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