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Sales Chatbot: Grow Revenue With AI Technology

Allow conversational software to take over. Your sales chatbot advises your customers, takes orders, and add to your bottom line.

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47% of consumers would complete purchases through a chatbot

Your sales and revenue figures only need to do one thing: go up and to the right.

Consumers are ready to purchase through chatbots, even go through complex sales processes. Time to give them that opportunity -- and grow your revenue at the same time.

Your sales chatbot is available for your customers, 24/7. It answers questions, recommends complementary products, and closes the sale.

Powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence, it consistantly learns the best path to the sale, never gets left behind, and never lets the customer down.

Your sales chatbot makes finding the right product easy

Talk with your prospects

Give your audience the help they need through a simple conversation.

Much more than a simple search feature, your sales chatbot can handle complex requests, give further information about your products, and up-sell when it makes sense.

Thanks to our advanced AI technology, your chatbot becomes your most approachable and knowledgeable sales assistant.

Sales chatbot conversational approach

Stay available and on brand, 24/7

Your sales chatbot is a representation of your brand. As such, it is trained to speak using your language, your tone, and your brand.

It is available 24/7 in any time zone and does not sleep or take breaks, making sure prospects don't slip through the cracks.

Sales chatbot stays on brand

Log every interaction

Go beyond a 'set and forget' process by learning and interating using data. Your sales chatbot logs every interaction and applies machine learning to improve as it goes.

Keep track of the conversations, words, language and interactions that convert. Learn from your prospects' questions while you fill up your sales pipeline.

Need to take over? Humans can step into a conversation at any point and offer the help only a human can provide.

Sales chatbot data log

Make your business more available and grow revenue

Helping your prospect find the right product is only the beginning. Your sales chatbot is part of a full suite of revenue increasing tools that allow you to make the most from every interaction.

Let's talk about your sales chatbot
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    Powered by AI

    Your sales chatbot is pwoered by the most advanced artifical intelligence technology stack.

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    Personalised conversations

    Not just another robot, your chatbot speaks to your prospects the way a human member of staff would.

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    Crucial conversational help

    Give your prospects the help they need when they need it. Forget browsing, allow them to just ask.

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    Always up to date

    Our advanced integrations and machine learning algorithms keep your chatbot constantly up to date.

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    Flawless up-sells and cross-sells

    Perfectly trained, your sales chatbot is able to up-sell and cross-sell relevant products in real time.

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    Your automated SDR

    Your chatbot helps the sales team close more deals. When needed, it alerts humans to take over and gracefully steps aside.

Every chatbot build is shipped with a monitoring and data analytics dashboard.

Sales chatbot success stories

ubisend helps companies of all sizes add to their bottom line with chatbot technology. We develop custom AI sales chatbots that meet our clients' exact requirements and business goals.

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    Sales chatbot generates £3.1 million in ten days

    Cyclical products need to capitalise on that one important time of the year. Thanks to their sales chatbot, this company exceeded revenue projections.

    Learn about the sales chatbot that generated £3.1m in ten days.

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    AI sales chatbot nails lead generation

    To boost their lead generation pipeline, this business brought in the big guns. Their AI sales chatbot funnels and qualifies lead faster than ever.

    Learn about the sales chatbot that generated 16,000 qualified leads.

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Our sales chatbot, iVan, is a true revenue-generating, AI-driven asset

vanarama ubisend customer review

ubisend's chatbot technology has done wonders to our bottom line. Our sales chatbot is not just another sales tool. It has a real presence, an in-depth knowledge of our complex sales process, and a positive impact on our customers.

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