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Your always on, perfectly trained customer service AI

Help customers instantly. 24/7. Automatically.

Get your customer service chatbot

Use artificial intelligence to reduce workloads and increase customer satisfaction with an always-on customer service chatbot.

Your customers will always have questions. They want your business to answer, care and be there for them. They do not want to wait until you are ready to speak to them.

Your always-on customer service chatbot is there to assist your team. It knows all of your products and how your company likes to communicate. It helps your customers in real time, 24/7.

If your customer needs to talk to a human your bespoke chatbot will alert the correct member of the team and step aside, allowing you to do what you do best: delight.

The icing on the cake? Your customer service chatbot talks in a conversational way. Stop making your customers endlessly flick through FAQs and self-served content. This is the future of customer support.

Research shows that 80% of customer service requests orginate from a very small number of regular questions. We take these questions away. ubiSERVE gives your support agents their time back

Automate customer enquiries

A customer service rep's time is best spent on customer enquiries that require expertise, not copy-pasting and dealing with the same questions.

Your customer service chatbot is your first line of defense. It automatically answers all inbound customer enquiries to the best of its knowledge.

If the bot cannot fix the problem itself it will transfer the customer to your team for a human to take over. Seamlessly.

Customer service automation

Log and analyse every interaction

Post-sale enquiries are often the best way to learn about your customers needs and successes.

Your customer service chatbot will log all interactions, keeping the data safe and sound for you to review and learn from.

customer service chatbot data

On brand and conversational

No one likes spending time searching through FAQs, pdf's or documentation. Self-serving customer support is no longer good enough.

Your customer service chatbot is conversational. It talks naturally and easily, always ready to assist your customers through a simple chat.

As your first line of defense, your chatbot is programmed to use your company language, behaviour and tone. It's your highest trained member of staff.

customer service chatbot conversational

Improve customer happiness and skyrocket productivity

Automating inbound customer enquiries is just the beginning. Your customer service chatbot is part of a full suite of tools designed to help increase productivity and customer happiness.

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    Personalised interactions

    No robotic-ness. Make your customers feel special with personal one-to-one, knowledgeable and instant support.

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    Measure customer sentiment

    Keep an eye on customer satisfaction. All interactions are tracked and stored, ready for analysis and iteration.

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    Focus on what matters

    Skip the boring copy-pasting of answers and focus on the customers who need your unique human expertise.

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    Make them feel heard

    Unhappy customers want to talk now, not in two days. Give them the ability to satisfy their needs.

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    Always learning

    Your conversational chatbot integrates with advanced machine learning, helping it to stay at the top of its game.

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    Your personal support assistant

    Your customers need to talk to a real human? Certainly. Your chatbot will notify your team and step aside.

Every solution is delivered with its own monitoring tool and data analytics dashboard.

ubisend’s HR, sales, and customer support solutions are powerful alone – but they’re even better together

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ubiSERVE offers your customers the instantaneous and insightful help they expect, 24/7. It's the perfect support tool.

Give your support team the help they need, assist your customers with their post-sale enquiries, and offer them the support they expect; all through an intelligent chat interface.



ubiSELL learns all about your products and gives your audience the guidance they need to find the right fit.

Thanks to our advanced machine learning algorithms, your sales chatbot knows what products to cross- or up-sell, and does so at the right time, 24/7.



ubiHR is the best way to save precious HR resources and fulfill your employees' on-demand enquiry expectations.

It helps increase productivity across the board by automating responses to the low hanging fruit, answering questions instantly and constantly learning to stay up-to-date on the latest policies.

ubisend Dashboard

A wonderful way to reach my audience

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We integrated mobile messaging to send out weekly offers to our 100,000 user database. With a 47% click rate, it worked wonders.

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