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Turn your data into a competitive advantage.

Apply artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to extract the insights you want, and the insights you didn't know you needed.

Apply an AI layer
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The insights are there. We help you connect the dots.

Your company is drowning in data. Missing hidden relationships, predictions, analytics and insights.

We connect the dots. Using bleeding-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, we make your data sing.

Imagine having a clear view of the factors driving growth, cross-referenced with the performance of your workforce, and any other data source that matters to your business. This is now possible.

An AI layer enables you to grow

Unify and centralise data

As your business grows, data sources and formats multiply. Tools are brought in with the expectation of in-depth insights and further knowledge.

Your most important asset, your data, is lying dormant. What if you could pick each data source up, connect them to each other, and get a more granular view of your business' success and failures?

The AI layer isn't another silo or blackbox of data. It's an intelligent layer on top of processes, whether they are product purchases, employee performance reviews, customer service tickets or anything else.

Centralising, unifying, and standardising all the data sources to feed the machine learning and provide competitive insight.

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Immediate access to knowledge (you probably should already have)

Your data is... yours. It's there. It's full of insights and valuable information about your business' potential.

Once your data has been unified and centralised, we help extract value. There is no time to waste, catchup to the competition.

Once the process has started, an AI layer gives you instant access to knowledge that should have already been known to your business.

HR chatbot conversational help

Predict and grow faster

It's not about numbers, fancy graphs, and lagging indicators of success. It's about learning from your data and predicting the best strategy going forward.

We take your input and output data, learn everything we can using your custom machine learning algorithms and, then, turn these into predictive models.

An AI layer is not about looking back. It's about having the tools to predict a more profitable future for your business.

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A company-wide artificial intelligence (r)evolution

What impacts sales the most? How can customers get more from your business? What could improve employee satisfaction?

Don't guess. Rely on world-leading technology to help you see through the vastness.

Apply an AI layer to your business
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    Data cleaning

    We can work with your data as is. No need for you to do anything. We'll clean, unify, centralise and structure it ready for machine learning.

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    Immediate results

    Just the process of cleaning up and preparing data will unearth immediate nuggets of insights. And we're just getting started.

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    Unique and customised models

    Your company and goals are unique, so will be your AI models. We don't work with templates. We don't do 'out of the box'.

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    Company-wide reporting

    Your AI layer impacts all the moving parts of your business. See insights across departments, functions, and workforces.

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    Learn now. Grow tomorrow.

    Your data helps us train unique predictive models to increase your growth, not just to see what happened yesterday.

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    A controlled environment

    All data and models are secure under strict access control. All deployed onto your server infrastructure, inside your data perimeter with no third-parties.

Every AI layer solution is shipped with a unique team of specialists dedicated to your success.

Powerful alone. Better together.

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RPA helps increase productivity by deploying a digital workforce that works 24/7. Trained to complete the tasks you set them.

Turn complex, repetitive processes over to a highly trained, efficient and customised robot that becomes your competitive advantage.



The AI layer centralises all data, provides a data-led bird's eye view of a business, and produces insights from across its moving parts.

Unearth profitable patterns, repeatable successes by turn your data into predictive models for increasing future revenue.



A chatbot turns data into a conversation. Provide access to complex insights and knowledge with human-like, natural conversations.

Data and insights are useless if they're too complex to understand. Remove complexity using natural language, allowing you to 'just ask'.

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A wonderful way to reach my audience

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We integrated mobile messaging to send out weekly offers to our 100,000 user database. With a 47% click rate, it worked wonders.

Let's chat about how we can transform your business