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Engage Your Pub's Social Fans Through Messenger

In this guide, you will learn

  • How to limit your costs. Your current marketing efforts have likely cost you too much money. This ebook puts an end to this.
  • How to get more foot traffic. To grow your business you need more people inside your pub. This ebook will teach you how to achieve that through mobile messaging.
  • How to do all this for free. Yep, zero cost. You’ve probably spent too much money on marketing already, time to stop. You can achieve everything in this ebook for £0.

What is it about? 

You have it all. 

A great location. A fantastic team of waiters and waitresses. A business plan geared for success. An encouraging base of recurring customers. A decent amount of Facebook fans. 

And, of course, great drinks. 

And yet. You need more customers. You need your current recurring customers to come back more often. 

In this guide, I will talk about the best way to achieve this by utilising and engaging the customers and fans you already have. 

If you think you have tried it all (and nothing worked), this guide is for you.