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How to Sell a Chatbot: 6 Days of Actionable Sales Advice

“Concise, easy to follow, and informative. Have recommended to the rest of my team!” - Audra Shreeve

Exciting pitches, better demos, and more sales.

At ubisend, we’ve grown a business from the ground up purely through chatbot sales.

What started as three friends with an idea quickly turned into a leading chatbot platform, bustling partner network, and hundreds of happy clients.

ubisend was built around the idea that any business can create a chatbot to be proud of, and the same applies to those trying to pitch and sell chatbots.

In this free course, you gain access to years of experience pitching and selling chatbots to companies of all sizes and niches. Each actionable lesson is sent to you via email, letting you learn at your own pace.

“We’ve recently added chatbots to our list of services. I’m not sure we would have closed the sales we have without this course” - Lyam Bewry

“I know businesses that would benefit from a chatbot, I’m just not sure how to pitch the idea”

Chatbots have established themselves as the best tool for businesses to do more with less.

As many businesses look to AI and automation to improve their business, they’re essentially waiting for the perfect pitch to come their way.

How do you sell a chatbot? What do prospects expect, and need, to see? How do you add value to your demos, ensuring they stand out?

With these questions answered, the process of selling chatbots all starts to fall into place.

In 6 days, you’ll understand the entire chatbot sales process, from how to leverage the customers' pains to get their attention, to the perfect demo and post-demo follow ups.

The reality is, selling chatbots isn’t that hard.

You just need to know how.

“Loved the email-a-day format. I’ve stored each lesson in a folder so I can refer back at a moments notice” - Emma Gray

Course Structure

Pain points

Lesson 1

Understand the customer, close the sale.

Nailing the pitch

Lesson 2

How to make the idea of a demo sound too good to miss.

Hitting their niche

Lesson 3

Everyone’s different. Learn how to effectively personalise your demos.

Smashing the demo

Lesson 4

We built a business from great demos. Here’s how.

Adding more value

Lesson 5

Time-tested advice on how to add value post-demo.

Advice from our team

Lesson 6

Tips and tricks from those that have been selling chatbots for years.

“I’ve pitched hundreds of chatbots and hosted countless demos yet I was pleasantly surprised by the insights this course provides” - Jack Davidson