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Create your Own Facebook Messenger Autoresponder

In this guide, you will learn

  • Why Facebook Messenger is the place to be. According to Facebook, 53% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company they can contact via a messaging application. In this guide, you will learn the stats and facts that back this up.
  • Why even a simple autoresponder will put you ahead of everyone. Think an autoresponder isn't enough to dazzle your customers? Think again! In this guide, you will learn that even a simple autoresponder will help you generate more leads..
  • How to turn your autoresponder into an amazing customer experience. From simple plain-text autoresponder to beautiful lead generation tool. Learn how to delight your customers and grow your business with advanced messaging templates.

Summary of this insight

You are hitting this mobile messaging trend head on, and before your competition. Right now, only a few brands have a mobile messaging strategy; smaller businesses are missing the boat.

The reason why? Small businesses expect "chatbots" to be super-expensive and complicated to create. It is not. We will have you set up by the end of this ebook.

The bottom line is your business needs to be present, available, and ready for customers.

Not convinced?

53% of consumers spend more money with businesses they can communicate with via messaging apps.

Not only are your customers going to talk to you through Facebook Messenger more often, if you respond they are going to spend more money with you.