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Custom vs Platform: A Chatbot Service Comparison

Picking the right chatbot service for your business

Chatbots are no longer a nice-to-have. As predicted, businesses are increasingly turning to chatbot technology to solve their most complex challenges.

But which service should you pick?

There are, roughly, two options: platform chatbots or custom chatbots.

In this guide (and its accompanying infographic), you will learn:

  • The differences between custom and platform chatbots.
  • How flexible each option is (in terms of pricing, features, roadmap, and more).
  • How to pick the right option for your business.

What can a chatbot do for you?

Are you ready to start looking for a chatbot solution? Make an informed decision with this infographic and guide bundle.

In this bundle, we’ve taken a look at the key features of a custom chatbot and why they’re a better long-term option than platform services. This isn’t to say that platform chatbots aren’t viable, in fact, they could be exactly what you need. But don’t make that leap without knowing what else is available.

The infographic covers these points in an easily digestible manner. The full guide expands upon those points in more detail to help you understand the differences between custom and platform.

The 'custom' approach to chatbots

When we say custom chatbot, we mean 100%, fully, custom! Have control over the finest details of your chatbot solution.

Thought of something innovative that’s never been seen on the market? Let’s bring it to life! A custom chatbot is not limited by generic platform design with a 'one size fits all' mentality. Create a solution tailored to meet your company’s needs. Create a new, exciting, tailored experience.

Want to learn more?

Grab the bundle to find out why you should choose a custom chatbot.