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Engage Your Coffee Shop's Fans Through Messenger

In this guide, you will learn

  • How to cut current marketing costs. Your marketing efforts haven't been paying off. In fact, they even cost you too much money. In this ebook, you'll learn why that happens and what to get rid off.
  • How to easily grow your business. To grow you will need more foot traffic in your shop. This ebook will teach you how to do that through mobile messaging and delight your customers in the process!
  • How to achieve it all for free! That's right, for free! The entire strategy presented in this ebook can be applied at almost zero cost.

What is it about?

Most marketing channels you have tried either take too much time cost too much money and don't show any return.

Is there an alternative? Yep. This ebook will teach you to reconnect with your fans, engage them, and turn them into customers - essentially for free.

It is time to focus on something new: mobile messaging.

Mobile messaging is an untapped marketing channel that consists of sending messages to subscribers (your customers) through their phones via the messaging applications they use every day, Facebook Messenger for example.