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7 Days of Chatbots: A Crash Course on Business Chatbots

After the 4th lesson, I felt prepared to bring a chatbot into my department and was confident pitching the idea to my seniors. - Henry Dover

The secrets of successful business chatbots, no longer so secret

At ubisend, chatbots are what we do, day in and day out. We build, talk, breathe chatbots so much that we like to call ourselves experts.

What's even better than flawlessly executing our expertise?

Sharing it.

Throughout our relationship, we share everything we know with our clients -- turning them into experts of their own. We’ve never been a fan of guarding our knowledge under lock and key.

So here it is: years of experience implementing chatbots at some of the biggest companies in the world, condensed into a 7-day email course.

We have been able to pull together a strategic project plan with minimal effort thanks to this course. - Mark Davies

"I’m not sure I know enough about chatbots to have one at my business"

Chatbots can still feel a bit new at times, despite having been bringing in results for years.

Why? Because the information that’s easily available isn’t always the best (in our opinion).

We’ve learnt that the success of a chatbot often comes down to the thinking that went on prior to its launch.

How do I estimate the return? What metrics do I need to keep an eye on? After the initial launch, what’s the next step?

When these questions are answered, and the details are fleshed out, we see success.

In 7 days, we’ll take you from chatbot newbie to ready to pull together a strategic project plan (without you having to watch long videos).

If you believe a chatbot could help your business overcome some of its challenges, you’re the person we had in mind when writing this course.

I would say this course isn’t for those looking for a DIY chatbot, but if you are looking for something more serious, this is the course for you. - Tyler Brown

The course in a nutshell


Lesson 1

Welcome to the course! Discover the chatbot tech, minus the geeky language.


Lesson 2

A business chatbot is an investment. Before you go any further, learn to calculate the ROI.


Lesson 3

Learn to set solid foundations to your project from people who do it for a living.


Lesson 4

Discover the chatbot metrics you should track and how to create your own.


Lesson 5

Learn the ins and outs of putting together a roadmap for your chatbot project.


Lesson 6

Discover the steps to turn your chatbot from good to great.


Lesson 7

Learn from the mistakes of others with this series of common pitfalls.



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Join thousands of businesses across a range of sectors learning about chatbots.

I finally feel like I understand how to begin and oversee a chatbot project at my company, thank you! - Julianna Lundi

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