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Giving Tech

We love that you’re making a difference in the world. We believe ubisend can help you bring about real and lasting change.

A ubisend solution enables you to send messages to any phone, anywhere around the world, for free. We can deliver words, audio, video and other content, be it for health messaging, emergency broadcasts or anything else.

Thank you for helping to make the world a better place, we’d love to give you free access to our technology.

Features that help change lives

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    Free unlimited access

    Charities, non-profits, NGOs and anyone who can prove they’re doing good, can use our solution for free. Forever.

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    Free SMS

    Every SMS purchased by a for-profit company generates free SMS for charities and NGOs. Messages sent via messaging applications cost nothing.

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    Impact the world

    We hope that lowering the cost, along with the reach of mobile messaging means that, together, we’re making the world a better place.

Our mission

We believe technology should be used to make positive changes around the world.

We’re a startup based in the UK. Our founders have a background in health-based mobile messaging in low-resource settings and have sent messages to over 7,115,000 million people in India, South Africa, Bangladesh, Uganda, China, and Mexico.

After working with organisations that reach and impact the lives of millions of people, we saw how their amazing work is limited by budget and the lack of access to technology.

We’ve made it our mission to help the people who help others by offering our technology for free, forever, with no limit. Charities and non-profits can use ubisend to seamlessly write, schedule and send messages that literally change the lives of people around the world.

Contact ubisend
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How it works

It’s simple.

If you’re a charity, non-profit or NGO, from anywhere in the world, get in touch with us. After a short vetting process, we’ll set you up with a full access account. This account is free and will remain so forever.

Equally, if you’re not a charity, non-profit or NGO but think you make a positive difference in people’s lives, then get in contact. You might just get a nice surprise.

Do you run a charity and think you could make use of our services? Contact us and we’ll get you started!

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Our featured charity

When our friends are being bros, we like to shout about it.

Learn more about one of these amazing causes.

UK leasing company Vanarama, pledge to raise £150,000 to fight prostate cancer

In partnership with the UK National Football League, which rebranded as MANarama National League for the occasion, Vanarama are raising awareness for the UK's most prevalent male cancer.

For 34 matches, National League club captains will wear a new, striking bright orange armband which includes the iconic Prostate Cancer UK logo.

Vanarama hope to raise £150,000 in just 43 days, donating £50 for every vehicle leased. Support their cause, learn more about the most common cancer in men, and help them reach their audatious goal by clicking the button below.

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A wonderful way to reach my audience

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We integrated mobile messaging to send out weekly offers to our 100,000 user database. With a 47% click rate, it worked wonders.