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Human Resources: Technology That Drives Value

Chatbots solving HR's most complex challenges

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Fast, scalable, and human-centric technology

HR teams around the world face unique challenges.

Often working with out-of-date technology and under high workloads.

Discover how chatbots drive transformational change in HR, improving communication and employee satisfaction ratings.

The challenges of modern HR

Unatainable SLAs

In HR, resolving cases or requests within a certain amount of time is important.

Tight SLAs are usually in place to keep a close handle on case managament.

Unfortunately, most HR departments are overworked and understaffed, making SLAs tough to meet.

HR impossible SLAs

Attract and retain talent

Attracting and retaining talent is a challenge most HR teams face across all sectors.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that over 70% of CEOs believe 'availability of key skills' is a threat to their company (PwC).

Attracing and finding the right people can be a long, complex, and demanding process.

ubisend recruitment chatbot

Volumes of tickets, emails, calls

HR teams are inundated with inquiries. Self-service software did not fulfil promises, the inboxes are not getting any emptier.

Our research shows 40% of HR inquiries come from repeated, common, questions.

HR high volument_emails

How a HR chatbot can help

Free up resources with a know-it-all HR chatbot

Give your employees the help they need. Wherever and whenever they need it.

Your HR chatbot knows everything there is to know about your company HR policies. By instantly answering your employees' questions, it unclogs your helplines, frees up your reps' time, and helps your HR managers achieve SLAs.

Learn about HR chatbots

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Success stories from our HR clients

ubisend helps companies of all sizes take on the digital transformation challenge. We make sure our clients achieve their goal by providing targeted solutions and customised analytics suites.

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    Tech company scales recruitment

    Attracting talent is one of HR's foremost challenges. Attracting talent in tech, outside of a large city, makes it all the more complex.

    Learn how a recruitment chatbot handles thousands of applications for over 100 jobs across four recruitment channels -- automatically!

    Recruitment chatbot case study

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    HR platform integrates a chatbot

    HR platforms handle thousands of unique companies, each with unique policies, rules, and documents. How can a chatbot help?

    Learn how an HR platform chatbot learns from each company's documentation to provide the right assistance to employees, at scale.

    HR platform chatbot case study

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Top quality chatbot solution

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ubisend are a driven and determined team of professionals who provided us with the top quality chatbot solution we needed. Their fresh and enthusiastic approach to the task leave us in no doubt that we have picked the ideal provider to work with.”

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